Earn Commission by Sharing Preceden

Earn a 30% commission for every customer you refer

Common Questions

How does the affiliate program work?

After you sign up as an affiliate (though a service we use called Reditus), you’ll get a unique link that you can use any time you share Preceden. When someone clicks on your link and makes a credit card purchase within 60 days, we’ll pay you a 30% commission.

How much can I earn?

It depends how many people you refer who wind up becoming customers and which plans they purchase. For example, if you refer 4 people who purchase a $144 plan you would earn $144 * 30% = $43.20 * 4 customers = $172.80.

How and when will I be paid?

Payouts are made on the first of each month, at least 30 days after the referred customer converted from a free to paid account. For example if your referred customer upgrades their account on January 3rd, you’d be paid on March 1st. The minimum balance for payouts is $50. Payouts are made through PayPal.

Can I refer myself or split commission?

Self-referrals are not allowed. The spirit of the program is to reward you for referring other people. This is not a way to get a discount on your own account. Similarly, commission sharing (i.e. offering “cash back” to people for signing up using your link) is not allowed.

Can I advertise using my referral link?

You may not use your affiliate link in any search engine ads, Facebook ads, or anything similar that would compete with Preceden's marketing and cause confusion for potential customers. Abuse, gaming, and policy violations will result in having your account banned and any existing and future commissions forfeited.

What if I have more questions?

Our team is always here to answer your questions, get you set up, or help you in any way we can. Send us an email anytime: [email protected].